Very few schools can achieve dominance across college football, baseball and basketball at the same time. The balance of top talent produced by these schools in the professional ranks is just as select.

Here at NCAA.com, we set out to determine which schools boast the best trios of alumni currently suiting up in the NFL, MLB and NBA. After thorough discussion, we cut the list to the top eight.

But it’s not up to us to determine who’s No. 1. That honor belongs to you, the fans.

Below you’ll find our top eight schools pitted head-to-head in a quarterfinals bracket format. Click on each matchup for a brief overview on each program’s three representatives. Then, scroll to the bottom of the matchup article to make your vote. One matchup poll will be released on Twitter each day from Tuesday, Oct. 24-Friday, Oct. 27. The Twitter accounts to follow will be @NCAAFootball, @NCAACWS and @marchmadness.

After 24 hours, one matchup’s poll will close and another will open. Once four finalists move on, two semifinal polls will then be released. Finally, our top trio will be decided in a poll on Nov. 1.


Fresno State vs. Georgia

 to vote for Fresno State #FresnoTrio
 to vote for Georgia #UGATrio

Texas vs. Texas A&M (Coming Oct. 25)

Michigan vs. UCLA (Coming Oct. 26)

North Carolina vs. Arizona State (Coming Oct. 27)


Fresno State/Georgia vs. UNC/Arizona State (Coming Oct. 30)

Texas/Texas A&M vs. Michigan/UCLA (Coming Oct. 31)


TBD vs. TBD (Coming Nov. 1)

These eight trios were far from the only worthy candidates. Here are some honorable mentions that just missed cracking the quarterfinals (in alphabetical order):

  • Cincinnati: Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs); Josh Harrison (Pittsburgh Pirates); Lance Stephenson (Indiana Pacers)
  • Duke: Jamison Crowder (Washington Redskins); Marcus Stroman (Toronto Blue Jays); Kyrie Irving (Boston Celtics)
  • Georgia Tech: Demaryius Thomas (Denver Broncos); Charlie Blackmon (Colorado Rockies); Derrick Favors (Utah Jazz)
  • Missouri: Jeremy Maclin (Baltimore Ravens); Max Scherzer (Washington Nationals); DeMarre Carroll (Brooklyn Nets)
  • Virginia: Chris Long (Philadelphia Eagles); Ryan Zimmerman (Washington Nationals); Malcolm Brogdon (Milwaukee Bucks)
  • Washington: Marcus Peters (Kansas City Chiefs); Jake Lamb (Arizona Diamondbacks); Isaiah Thomas (Cleveland Cavaliers)






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