Here are the nine schools with the most wins in college baseball history, using the NCAA’s official win-loss records

All records are from before the 2019 season.

9. North Carolina — 2,831

Seasons: 129
Winning percentage: .631

In 1953, North Carolina left the Southern Conference to join the brand-new Atlantic Coast Conference. A decade later, in 1964, the Tar Heels went 14-0 in conference play and won their second league title. No other team in ACC baseball history has ever been undefeated in conference play. Not a bad record to own in one of the consistently best conferences in college baseball history.

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8. Clemson — 2,842

Seasons: 121
Winning percentage: .642

In 1947, Clemson was one of eight teams to qualify for the very first NCAA Division I baseball tournament. The Tigers lost their first game to runner-up Yale. It was the start of a long history in the NCAA tournament. Clemson has been to the tournament 43 times (out of 72 tournaments) and made the CWS 12 times.

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7. Arizona State — 2,859

Seasons: 107
Winning percentage: .664

Arizona State’s .664 winning percentage is the best in the west, as the Sun Devils are the winningest team in the Pac-12, and owners of the fourth-best winning percentage in NCAA history. ASU has 20 conference titles since 1964 and, more impressively, five NCAA tournament championships (1965, 1967, 1969, 1977, 1981) to its name.

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6. Florida State — 2,882

Seasons: 71
Winning percentage: .726

Only two of the 20 winningest teams in college baseball history have played fewer than 100 seasons: Miami, which has 2,595 wins in 74 seasons, and Florida State, which has an incredible 2,882 wins in 71 years. That’s an absurd 40.6 wins per year. 

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5. Southern California — 2,884

Seasons: 124
Winning percentage: .630

Southern California may not have the most wins in college baseball history, but they do have the most wins where it matters — the NCAA tournament. The NCAA Division I men’s baseball tournament has only been around since 1947 — 72 years — but USC has won 12 titles in that span. That’s more than any other team in history. 

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4. Stanford — 2,906

Seasons: 125
Winning percentage: .614

In 1988, Stanford became just the third team ever to win back-to-back national championships, joining Texas and USC. Not bad company to keep. Since then, only three more teams have accomplished the feat (LSU, Oregon State, and South Carolina).

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3. Michigan — 2,912

Seasons: 145
Winning percentage: .630

Michigan owns a fun record in college baseball history, as the Wolverines are the last team to win the NCAA tournament in its original field size of eight (now the current size of the College World Series). Michigan went 21-9 on the year, and beat Texas in a best-of-three series to take the crown.

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2. Texas — 3,485

Seasons: 122
Winning percentage: .726

No team in college baseball history has a better winning percentage than Texas. The Longhorns’ winning percentage of .72594 just barely beats out Florida State’s .72587. What’s more impressive, Florida State has played just 71 seasons. Texas has played 122. That kind of sustained success is insane.

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1. Fordham — 4,479

Seasons: 158
Winning percentage: .657

Back in 1859, Fordham played in the first ever nine-man college baseball game under current rules. Fordham won the game 33-11, and they haven’t looked back. Heading into the 2019 season, Fordham had won 4,479 games — almost 1,000 more than the next-winningest team, Texas. If the Rams never played another game of baseball after the 2018 season, it would take Texas 35 more years to become the winningest team at their current rate.


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