San Diego State offensive coordinator Jeff Horton has this expression for the homesick players who have one foot out the door the moment they step on campus.

“I-8 eyes,” Horton calls it.

“We used to say that for whatever was the closest interstate — they’d get the I-8 eyes — looking for that bus to go back home,” Horton said.

When he arrived at SDSU three years ago, running back Rashaad Penny had the I-8 eyes. Had them bad.

And Penny, who grew up in Norwalk, was only an hour and half from home. He says he was calling his mother after his first week at SDSU.

“I don’t think it was even homesick,” said SDSU cornerback Kameron Kelly, Penny’s teammate and roommate. “I think the workouts were too hard.”

Whatever it was, Penny said, “I told myself I don’t want to do it anymore. That Sunday I told her she could come get me.”

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