The college softball season is inching closer to the excitement of the 2019 Women’s College World Series. Here is your first look at the printable bracket of the 2019 NCAA DI softball tournament. 

You can click or tap right here to open up a printable version of the DI softball tournament and Women’s College World Series bracket pictured below in a new tab or window. 

2019 Women’s College World Series Bracket

The selection show

The selection show for the 2019 DI softball tournament will be on Sunday, May 12 at 9 p.m. ET and can be seen on ESPN2.

RANKINGS: USA Today/ NFCA top 25 | Softball America | RPI

So, who gets selected?

Building a softball bracket

The 2019 Division I softball tournament begins with a 64-team field. Of those 64 teams, half will earn an automatic bid. That makes 32 teams earning their ticket to the 2019 DI softball tournament by winning one of the 32 conferences in Division I. The remaining 32 teams will be selected by the committee as at-large bids. 

What are some of the criteria the committee will be looking at?

  • Won-lost record
  • Strength of schedule
  • Eligibility and availability of student-athletes
  • RPI
  • Head-to-head competition

DI softball tournament format

Once the field is selected on May 12, 16 teams will be awarded seeds and host the 16 regional sites. There, four teams play a double-elimination regional tournament to see which team advances to the Super Regionals.

The 16 teams that advance will play a head-to-head best of three super regionals at eight selected sites. The Super Regionals will occur either Thursday to Saturday, May 23-25 or Friday to Sunday, May 24-26. The eight remaining teams advance to the 2019 Women’s College World Series to be played in Oklahoma City for the 23rd consecutive season. Games will be played from Thursday, May 30 to Wednesday, June 5 at USA Softball Hall of Fame Stadium-OGE Energy Field.

SCHEDULE: Dates and times for the 2019 Division I softball tournament

Important dates

Date Event Time (ET) How to watch
May 12 Selection show 9 p.m. ESPN2
May 17-19 Regional tournaments* TBD TBD
May 23-25 Super Regionals TBD TBD
May 24-26 Super Regionals TBD TBD
May 30-June 5 Women’s College World Series TBD TBD

*Regional tournaments can be played Thursday, May 16 to Saturday, May 20 for schools with a no-competition-on-Sunday policy.

WCWS NEWS AND INFO: Tickets, schedule, and everything you need to know for the 2019 WCWS

History of the Women’s College World Series

UCLA defeated Fresno State to bring home the first WCWS title in 1982. Since then, there have been 36 more titles claimed, with the Bruins winning 12 themselves. Arizona isn’t far behind with 10 of its own. Florida State won its first-ever DI softball championship last year.

Here is the complete history of the Women’s College World Series winners and runners-up.

2018 *Florida State (58-12) Lonni Alameda 8-3 Washington Oklahoma City
2017 *Oklahoma (61-9) Patty Gasso 5-4 Florida Oklahoma City
2016 Oklahoma (57-8) Patty Gasso 2-1 Auburn Oklahoma City
2015 Florida (60-7) Tim Walton 4-1 Michigan Oklahoma City
2014 *Florida (55-12) Tim Walton 6-3 Alabama Oklahoma City
2013 *Oklahoma (57-4) Patty Gasso 4-0 Tennessee Oklahoma City
2012 Alabama (60-8) Patrick Murphy 5-4 Oklahoma Oklahoma City
2011 *Arizona State (60-6) Clint Myers 7-2 Florida Oklahoma City
2010 *UCLA (50-11) Kelly Inouye-Perez 15-9 Arizona Oklahoma City
2009 Washington (51-12) Heather Tarr 3-2 Florida Oklahoma City
2008 *Arizona State (66-5) Clint Myers 11-0 Texas A&M Oklahoma City
2007 Arizona (50-14-1) Mike Candrea 5-0 Tennessee Oklahoma City
2006 Arizona (54-11) Mike Candrea 5-0 Northwestern Oklahoma City
2005 Michigan (65-7) Carol Hutchins 4-1 UCLA Oklahoma City
2004 UCLA (47-9) Sue Enquist 3-1 California Oklahoma City
2003 UCLA (54-7) Sue Enquist 1-0 California Oklahoma City
2002 California (56-19) Diane Ninemire 6-0 Arizona Oklahoma City
2001 *Arizona (65-4) Mike Candrea 1-0 UCLA Oklahoma City
2000 *Oklahoma (66-8) Patty Gasso 3-1 UCLA Oklahoma City
1999 *UCLA (63-6) Sue Enquist 3-2 Washington Oklahoma City
1998 Fresno State (52-11) Margie Wright 1-0 Arizona Oklahoma City
1997 Arizona (61-5) Mike Candrea 10-2 UCLA Oklahoma City
1996 *Arizona (58-9) Mike Candrea 6-4 Washington Columbus, Ga.
1995 *UCLA (50-6) Sharron Backus 4-2 Arizona Oklahoma City
1994 *Arizona (64-3) Mike Candrea 2-0 Cal State Northridge Oklahoma City
1993 Arizona (44-8) Mike Candrea 1-0 UCLA Oklahoma City
1992 *UCLA (54-2) Sharron Backus 2-0 Arizona Oklahoma City
1991 Arizona (56-16) Mike Candrea 5-1 UCLA Oklahoma City
1990 UCLA (62-7) Sharron Backus 2-0 Fresno State Oklahoma City
1989 *UCLA (48-4) Sharron Backus 1-0 Fresno State Sunnyvale, Calif.
1988 UCLA (53-8) Sharron Backus 3-0 Fresno State Sunnyvale, Calif.
1987 Texas A&M (56-8) Bob Brock 4-1 UCLA Omaha, Neb.
1986 *Cal State Fullerton (57-9-1) Judi Garman 3-0 Texas A&M Omaha, Neb.
1985 UCLA (41-9) Sharron Backus 2-1 Nebraska Omaha, Neb.
1984 UCLA (45-6-1) Sharron Backus 1-0 Texas A&M Omaha, Neb.
1983 Texas A&M (41-11) Bob Brock 2-0 Cal State Fullerton Omaha, Neb.
1982 *UCLA (33-7-2) Sharron Backus 2-0 Fresno State Omaha, Neb.

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