OMAHA, Neb. — LSU reserve infielder Chris Reid may only have one at bat this College World Series — he’s 1-for-1 as a pinch hitter — but he’s still finding a way to break a sweat from the dugout.

Looking to spark the offense for the Tigers’ elimination game with Florida State on Wednesday, Reid told his teammates he’d do a set of crunches for every run scored. LSU then went out and posted seven runs on 10 hits to keep the season alive.

The exercise routine returned Friday afternoon in the form of push-ups against No. 1 Oregon State, once again with the season on the line. The Tigers then handed the Beavers just their fifth loss of the season in a 3-1 finish.

“Our bats have been a little quiet throughout the tournament so far. I was just trying to do my job and get everybody pumped up in the dugout. It turned into exercises,” Reid said. “I was trying to get them to score some runs, so I was like, ‘You know what guys, I’ll do some hard work and y’all do your part.’ They came through [Wednesday] so just going to keep it going.”

The official @NCAACWS Twitter account first revealed Reid’s regimen during Wednesday’s game, saying the sophomore was doing 20 crunches for every run scored. Reid was quick to correct that total via his own Twitter account, and confirmed it was a much heavier workload again after Friday’s win.

“Yeah, it was 100 [crunches]. I ended up doing 400, and then I did two-minute wall sits and then did like 50 medicine ball twists,” he said. “After the 400th one, I was sitting there and they had scored another run and one of my teammates came up to me and was like, ‘Dude, if you end up having to go into the game, you’re going to be burned out.’ So I had to stop.”

Reid said the goal of his dugout antics is to loosen up the team and to give “incentive” for his teammates to go out and hit. He first thought of the idea during pregame warmups before Wednesday’s game with the Seminoles.

“I was just trying to do something fun, something to keep the team up and get us rolling again,” Reid said. “[The attention] is all cool and everything, but I’m just glad we’re scoring runs and winning games.”

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