Pregame — 3:25 p.m. 

Historically, Alabama owns a 53-25-5 edge over LSU all-time. But this time around, both team’s offenses bare a marginal resemblance to the past 124 years of the rivalry. The Tigers and Crimson Tide each average well over 500 yards of offense and 40 points per game. The Tide are 82-7 at home under Nick Saban, but the Tigers have three top-10 wins and are looking to stray from their past and beat Alabama for the first time since 2011.

LSU vs. Alabama: Time, TV channel

The Crimson Tide and Tigers kick off from Bryant-Denny Stadium at 3:30 p.m. ET on Saturday, Nov. 9. You can watch the game on CBS. Click or tap here for live stats.

LSU vs. Alabama: Preview

The hiring of Ed Orgeron at LSU has been an era marked by prosperity in Baton Rouge, leading the Tigers to three consecutive New Years Six bowl games and a 2018 finish that was the program’s highest final ranking since 2011.

That 2011 season is noteworthy as the Tigers spent the last nine weeks of the regular season at No. 1 in the polls. It’s also the last time LSU beat Alabama. The Tigers won that battle, a 9-6 overtime decision through a defensive stalemate. But the No. 2 Crimson Tide won the war — a 21-0 victory over LSU in a rematch at the 2012 BCS National Championship— and every subsequent meeting since.

AP poll No. 1 vs No. 2 with ESPN’s “College GameDay” in attendance. There’s a familiar bill, but these teams bare a marginal resemblance to the squads that took the field eight years ago. Prior to the start of the 2009 season, Alabama (232) and LSU (287) rank first and second in touchdowns allowed. Since that and the 2011 early-November game, Les Miles —Orgeron’s predecessor— now coaches on the opposite side of the Mississippi River and both teams have adopted new identities, gaining recognition for high-octane offenses rather than stifling defense.

CHASING PERFECTION: 7 unbeaten teams remain | When each team might lose

In other words, get ready for some possible fireworks. Yes, this is an SEC football game and no, that’s not a misprint.

LSU averages a hair below 536 yards per game while Alabama has put up just over 506. On a given night, either team is capable well-equipped for a scoring outburst. In 16 total games, only once has either team failed to score at least 35 points. Contagious offensive success can largely be attributed to savvy quarterback play from Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa in addition to a plethora of playmakers on both sides.

Burrow and Tagovailoa have combined for 57 touchdowns against just six interceptions. Roles formerly designed as game managers at LSU and Alabama have evolved into leadership positions, integral catalysts to their respective teams. It also doesn’t hurt to have versatility or explosive athleticism on that side of the ball. 

Justin Jefferson of LSU and Devonta Smith of Alabama headline deep receiving corps, leading their respective teams in yards and touchdowns. What really stands out is that they are two of eight receivers between the teams averaging at least 10 yards per catch (min. 20 receptions). It’s an ability to generate missed tackles and speed up drives that make these offenses so dangerous.

LSU vs. Alabama: How they match up statistically




No. 2 CFP Ranking No. 3
No. 1 AP Ranking No. 2
8-0 (4-0) Record (SEC) 8-0 (5-0)
46.8 Points per game 48.6
20.0 Points against 15.3
535.9 Yards per game 506.6
315.4 Yards against 307.53

Joe Burrow

2,805 yards (30 TDs, 4 INT)

Passing leader

Tua Tagovailoa

2,166 yards (27 TDs, 2 INT)

Clyde Edwards-Helaire

683 yards (5.9 average) 8 TDs

Rushing leader

Najee Harris

642 yds (5.9 average) 5 TDs

Justin Jefferson

819 yards, 9 TDs

Receiving leader

Devonta Smith

721 yds, 9 TDs

Derek Stingley

22 tackles, 4 INT, 9 PBU

Defensive leader

Anfernee Jennings

48 tackles, 7.5 TFL, 4 sacks

Bye Last week Bye
at Mississippi (Nov. 16) Next at Mississippi State (Nov. 16)

Amid the hype and attention on this game and all that it has to offer, it’s important not to lose sight of the fact that this could be the first of two meetings between LSU and Alabama. While both reside in the SEC’s West division and couldn’t meet in a conference championship game, a rematch in the College Football Playoff isn’t out of the question. In the initial CFP Top 25, LSU is No. 2 while Alabama is third.


LSU vs. Alabama: Prediction

So, who has the edge on Saturday? Both teams possess an advantage over the other.

Alabama’s closest game of the season was a 19-point win over Texas A&M. LSU has its fair share of romps and routs with a few closer calls on its résumé. The difference lies with who the Tigers have played, or should we say, who they’ve won against. LSU has knocked off three top-10 teams in 2019 by a combined 24 points.

The Crimson Tide may not have experienced as daunting a schedule this season, but no team plays better at home than Alabama. Its last home loss was Sept. 2015, a streak of 31 straight wins at Bryant-Denny Stadium and 48 out of 49 games. Alabama’s .833 home winning percentage since Bryant-Denny opened in 1929 is currently the best among any FBS team. The Tide are a staggering 82-7 at home under Nick Saban.

The Pick Alabama 38,
LSU 35

LSU vs. Alabama: Score, all-time games

Alabama leads the all-time series with LSU 53-25-5. Below is every head-to-head result since 1895.

1895 LSU 12-6 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA
1902 LSU 11-0 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
1903 Alabama 18-0 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
1904 Alabama 11-0 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1907 Alabama 6-4 LSU Mobile, AL
1909 LSU 12-6 Alabama Birmingham, AL
1919 Alabama 23-0 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1920 Alabama 21-0 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
1921 N/A 7-7 N/A New Orleans, LA
1922 Alabama 47-3 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
1923 Alabama 30-3 LSU Montgomery, AL
1925 Alabama 42-0 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1926 Alabama 24-0 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
1927 N/A 0-0 N/A Birmingham, AL
1928 Alabama 13-0 LSU Birmingham, AL
1930 Alabama 33-0 LSU Montgomery, AL
1944 N/A 27-27 N/A Baton Rouge, LA 
1945 Alabama 26-7 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1946 No. 19 LSU 31-21 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA 
1947 No. 8 Alabama 41-12 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
1948 LSU 26-6 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA 
1951 LSU 13-7 Alabama Mobile, AL
1952 Alabama 21-20 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1953 N/A 7-7 N/A Mobile, AL
1954 Alabama 12-0 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1957 LSU 28-0 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA 
1958  No. 15 LSU 13-3 Alabama Mobile, AL
1964 No. 3 Alabama 17-9 No. 8 LSU Birmingham, AL
1965 No. 5 Alabama 31-7 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1966 No. 4 Alabama 21-0 LSU Birmingham, AL
1967 Alabama 7-6 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1968 Alabama 16-7 No. 20 LSU Birmingham, AL
1969 No. 12 LSU 20-15 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA 
1970 No. 11 LSU 14-9 No. 19 Alabama Birmingham, AL
1971 No. 4 Alabama 14-7 No. 18 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1972 No. 2 Alabama 21-7 No. 6 LSU Birmingham, AL
1973 No. 2 Alabama 21-7 No. 7 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1974 No. 3 Alabama 30-0 LSU Birmingham, AL
1975 No. 5 Alabama 23-10 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1976 No.15 Alabama 28-17 LSU Birmingham, AL
1977 No. 2 Alabama 24-3 No. 18 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1978 No. 3 Alabama 31-10 No. 10 LSU Birmingham, AL
1979 No. 1 Alabama 3-0 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1980 No. 6 Alabama 28-7 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
1981 No. 4 Alabama 24-7 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1982 No. 11 LSU 20-10 No. 8 Alabama Birmingham, AL
1983 No. 16 Alabama 32-26 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1984 No. 12 LSU 16-14 Alabama Birmingham, AL
1985 N/A 14-14 N/A Baton Rouge, LA 
1986 No. 18 LSU 14-10 No. 6 Alabama Birmingham, AL
1987 No. 13 Alabama 22-10 No. 5 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1988 No. 13 LSU 19-18 No. 18 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
1989 No. 4 Alabama 32-16 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1990 Alabama 24-3 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
1991 No. 8 Alabama 20-17 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1992 No. 3 Alabama 31-11 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1993 LSU 17-13 No. 5 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
1994 No. 6 Alabama 35-17 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1995 No. 16 Alabama 10-3 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
1996 No. 10 Alabama 26-0 No. 11 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
1997 No. 14 LSU 27-0 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
1998 Alabama 22-16 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA 
1999 No. 12 Alabama 23-17 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
2000 LSU 30-28 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA 
2001 LSU 35-21 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
2002 No. 10 Alabama 31-0 No. 14 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
2003 No. 3 LSU 27-3 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
2004 No. 17 LSU 26-10 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA 
2005 No. 5 LSU 16-13 (OT) No. 4 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
2006 No. 12 LSU 28-14 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA 
2007 No. 3 LSU 41-34 No. 17 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
2008 No. 1 Alabama 27-21 No. 15 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
2009 No. 3 Alabama 24-15 No. 9 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
2010 No. 12 LSU 24-21 No. 5 Alabama Baton Rouge, LA 
2011 No. 1 LSU 9-6 (OT) No. 2 Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL
2012 No. 2 Alabama 21-0 No. 1 LSU New Orleans, LA *
2012 No. 1 Alabama 21-17 No. 5 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
2013 No. 1 Alabama 38-17 No. 10 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
2014 No. 4 Alabama 20-13 (OT) No. 14 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
2015 No. 7 Alabama 30-16 No. 4 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
2016 No. 1 Alabama 10-0 No. 15 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 
2017 No. 1 Alabama 24-10 No. 19 LSU Tuscaloosa, AL
2018 No. 1 Alabama 29-0 No. 4 LSU Baton Rouge, LA 

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