John Calipari will be entering his 12th year as the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats this upcoming season. Coach Cal has mentored an immense amount of basketball talent over the past decade, helping produce over 35 NBA draft picks and six NBA All-Stars. 

Calipari was this week’s guest on March Madness 365 with Andy Katz. He and Katz break down Calipari’s ultimate Kentucky dream player categorizing his past players into 10 different basketball-related characteristics. 

Coach Cal also talked about a new organization he and Harvard’s head coach Tommy Amaker started called the McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative — an initiative hoping to provide minorities the tools and opportunities to build their network. The initiative was named after John McLendon, the first African American head coach in any professional sport. 

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Here is Calipari’s breakdown of his ultimate Kentucky dream player:

The Quarterback — Tyler Ulis, Guard (2014-2016)

When it comes to playmaking, John Calipari had a slew of players he sifted through like John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight before landing on Tyler Ulis as his ultimate quarterback. 

“Ulis was more in-tune, even with the size he didn’t care, never thought in him as anything but a big-time guard,” Calipari said when comparing Ulis to other guards he mentioned. “He was unique in that.”

The 5’9″ guard out of Ohio played for Calipari for two years and helped lead the Wildcats to an SEC tournament title in 2016. He was also named the SEC Player of the Year his sophomore season and led the team in assists with seven per game. 

The Clutch Gene — Aaron Harrison, Guard (2013-2015)