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SportsBuzzSource.com is proud to team up with the farmers of S&S Hemp Farms. We are pleased to announce the availability to purchase multiple strains of hemp (CBD) through S&S Hemp Farms on our Hemp Store

S&S Hemp Farms is a group of small farms dedicated to growing a fine quality hemp plant, they spare no expense when it comes to soil or nutrients for plants. All plants are grown from seed or propagated clones on farm. All plants are organic in their growing environment, meaning no additives or enhancers, just water.

Their product is offered in a few different options as flower or rosin. The flower is straight from the plant, trimmed and cured, and the rosin is directly from press. There is nothing added to any of their products. The rosin is 100% pure CBD pressed rosin. Straight Hemp(CBD)… Nothing else!!!

They can also fill all your special order needs – individual sales of smaller quantities, pre-rolled cigarettes, balm, salve, or oil, etc… Please email with any order, no order is too small. Please send an email with any and all hemp product needs.

S&S Hemp Farms is located on the fertile soils of Middle Tennessee.

Above you will find our price list for available Hemp (CBD) to purchase.

**Supplies are very limited due to quantities already on order. Availability is based on first come first serve basis. Make sure to email and reserve yours today!

Orders can be submitted through SportsBuzzSource contact form or through either email on price list.

****For a limited time all orders are at least 20% off all products****

— Use code MY20. Coupon expires on 01-01-2021

— Check Twitter for more offers…

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