Congrats to the Fresno State Bulldogs, who fans voted as the school with the top alumni trio of current NFL, MLB and NBA stars. 

What started as an eight-team bracket ended with a resounding finals victory, in which Fresno State (Derek Carr, Aaron Judge and Paul George) topped Texas A&M (Von Miller, Michael Wacha and DeAndre Jordan) with 92 percent of social media votes. Here’s how the rest of the eight-team field lined up after three rounds and seven different matchups that were released over the past week by NCAA.com:

  1. Fresno State
  2. Texas A&M
  3. Arizona State
  4. Michigan
  5. Georgia
  6. North Carolina
  7. Texas
  8. UCLA


Fans helped decide which schools moved on by tweeting each trio’s designated hashtag or commenting on Facebook once a new matchup was revealed each day.

Scroll below for the final results of each matchup and for a deeper look at the winning trio from Fresno State: 


Fresno State vs. Texas A&M (Fresno State wins win 92 percent of the vote)


Fresno State vs. Arizona State (Fresno State wins win 85 percent of the vote)

Texas A&M vs. Michigan (Texas A&M wins with 73 percent of the vote)


Fresno State vs. Georgia (Fresno state wins with 89 percent of the vote)

Texas vs. Texas A&M (Texas A&M wins with 70 percent of the vote)

Michigan vs. UCLA (Michigan wins with 55 percent of the vote)

North Carolina vs. Arizona State (Arizona State wins with 60 percent of the vote)

Get to know Fresno State’s trio:


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Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders | 2009-13