Taryne Mowatt threw 1,037 pitches in the 2007 Women’s College World Series. That’s right — she started in all eight games as the Arizona Wildcats fought their way out of the losers’ bracket. 

Perhaps her biggest feat was lifting that national championship trophy over her head when it was all over. 

Arizona opened up the 2007 WCWS with a 2-1 win over Baylor in 9 innings, but then lost to Tennessee, 1-0. The Wildcats then had to win their way out of the losers’ bracket, starting off with a win over DePaul (3-0), and two wins over a strong Washington team, (2-0, 8-1). That brought Mowatt and the Wildcats to the championship series, where they would re-match Tennessee. In similar ’07 Arizona style, they lost the first game (3-0), and again had to fight their way back up. 

Mowatt pitched a shutout in extra innings the next game (1-0 in 10 innings), and then the Wildcats took home the title with a 5-0 win in the final game. 

How is 1,037 pitches in that week even possible? Mowatt joked around that she shouldn’t have walked so many batters. But her week in Oklahoma City saw some pretty big records. Let’s take a look at what those 1,037 pitches accomplished: