The 2019 DII baseball championship finals are set. Eight teams are ready to battle for the national championship from June 1-8 at the USA Baseball National Training Complex in Cary, North Carolina. Here is where you can find the bracket, schedule, scores, and live updates from first pitch to the final out.

2019 BRACKETS: Print yours | Follow the interactive

2019 DII baseball tournament: Brackets, results from regionals and Super Regionals

Fifty-six teams entered the 2019 DII baseball championship, and only eight remain. Of those 56 teams, 23 earned an automatic bid by winning their respective conferences. We tracked every conference championship here.

Those 56 teams battled first in regional action, with 16 teams advancing to the first-ever DII baseball Super Regionals. When the final eight teams were decided for Cary, the selection committee assigned seeds for the finals.

  • No. 1: Colorado Mesa (South Central)
  • No. 2: Tampa (South)
  • No. 3: Catawba (Southeast)
  • No. 4: Ashland (Midwest)
  • No. 5: Central Missouri (Central)
  • No. 6: UC San Diego (West)
  • No. 7: Mercyhurst (Atlantic)
  • No. 8: NYIT (East)

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The 2019 DII baseball tournament bracket.

2019 DII baseball championship: Schedule, scores for the final

The action begins June 1 from Cary at 3 p.m. ET when No. 4 Ashland battles No. 5 Central Missouri in the first game of the championship. The full schedule of games from start to finish, including how to stream each one, is listed below.

Game Matchup Date/Time (ET) Results
1 Ashland vs. Central Missouri June 1, 3 p.m. Stream | Live stats
2 Colorado Mesa vs. NYIT June 1, 7 p.m. Stream | Live stats
3 Catawba vs. UC San Diego June 2, 3 p.m. Stream | Live stats
4 Tampa vs. Mercyhurst June 2, 7 p.m. Stream | Live stats
5 TBD vs. TBD June 3, 3 p.m. Stream | Live stats
6 TBD vs. TBD June 3, 7 p.m.  Stream | Live stats
7 TBD vs. TBD June 4, 3 p.m Stream | Live stats
8 TBD vs. TBD June 4, 7 p.m. Stream | Live stats
9 TBD vs. TBD June 5, 3 p.m. Stream | Live stats
10 TBD vs. TBD June 5, 7 p.m. Stream | Live stats
11 TBD vs. TBD June 6, 3 p.m. Stream | Live stats
12 TBD vs. TBD June 6, 7 p.m.  Stream | Live stats
13* TBD vs. TBD June 7, TBD Stream | Live stats
14* TBD vs. TBD June 7, TBD Stream | Live stats
15 TBD vs. TBD June 8, TBD Stream | Live stats

2019 DII baseball championship: History

Augustana (SD) was the 2018 national championship. The Vikings hopes for a repeat came to an end against Central Missouri in the Super Regionals. Below is a complete list of every DII baseball national champion.

HISTORY: DII programs with the most baseball titles | Every perfect game in DII history

2018 *Augustana (SD) (52-9) Tim Huber 3-2 Columbus State Cary, N.C.
2017 *West Chester (44-11) Jad Prachniak 5-2 UC San Diego Grand Prairie, Texas
2016 *Nova Southeastern (44-16) Greg Brown 8-6 Millersville Cary, N.C.
2015 Tampa (43-13) Joe Urso 3-1 Catawba Cary, N.C.
2014 Southern Indiana (49-13) Tracy Archuleta 3-2 (12) Colorado Mesa Cary, N.C.
2013 Tampa (47-12) Joe Urso 8-2 Minn. St.-Mankato Cary, N.C.
2012 West Chester (46-10) Jad Prachniak 9-0 Delta State Cary, N.C.
2011 West Florida (52-9) Mike Jeffcoat 12-2 Winona State Cary, N.C.
2010 Southern Indiana (52-14) Tracy Archuleta 6-4 UC San Diego Cary, N.C.
2009 Lynn (46-16) Rudy Garbalosa 2-1 Emporia State Cary, N.C.
2008 *Mount Olive (58-6) Carl Lancaster 6-2 Ouachita Baptist Sauget, Ill.
2007 *Tampa (53-10) Joe Urso 7-2 Columbus State Montgomery, Ala.
2006 *Tampa (54-6) Joe Urso 3-2 (12) Chico State Montgomery, Ala.
2005 Florida Southern (51-11) Pete Meyer 12-9 North Florida Montgomery, Ala.
2004 Delta State (54-11) Mike Kinnison 12-8 Grand Valley State Montgomery, Ala.
2003 Central Missouri (51-7 Brad Hill 11-4 Tampa Montgomery, Ala.
2002 Columbus State (48-15) Greg Appleton 5-3 Chico State Montgomery, Ala.
2001 St. Mary’s (Texas) (50-13) Charlie Migl 11-3 Central Missouri Montgomery, Ala.
2000 *Southeastern Oklahoma (43-12) Mike Metheny 7-2 Fort Hays State Montgomery, Ala.
1999 Chico State (50-17) Lindsay Meggs 11-5 Kennesaw State Montgomery, Ala.
1998 *Tampa (46-14) Terry Rupp 6-1 Kennesaw State Montgomery, Ala.
1997 *Chico State (52-11) Lindsay Meggs 13-12 Central Oklahoma Montgomery, Ala.
1996 *Kennesaw State (48-17) Mike Sansing 4-0 St. Joseph’s (Ind.) Montgomery, Ala.
1995 *Florida Southern (51-10) Chuck Anderson 15-0 Georiga College Montgomery, Ala.
1994 Central Missouri (51-11) Dave Van Horn 14-9 Florida Southern Montgomery, Ala.
1993 *Tampa (43-21) Lelo Prado 7-5 #Cal Poly Montgomery, Ala.
1992 Tampa (42-19) Lelo Prado 11-8 Mansfield Montgomery, Ala.
1991 Jacksonville State (41-12) Rudy Abbott 20-4 Missouri Southern State Montgomery, Ala.
1990 Jacksonville State (43-9) Rudy Abbott 12-8 Cal State Northridge Montgomery, Ala.
1989 #Cal Poly (38-25) Steve McFarland 9-5 New Haven Montgomery, Ala.
1988 *Florida Southern (48-10) Chuck Anderson 5-4 (10) Cal State Sacramento Montgomery, Ala.
1987 *Troy (38-10-1) Chase Riddle 7-5 Tampa Montgomery, Ala.
1986 Troy (46-8) Chase Riddle 5-0 Columbus State Montgomery, Ala.
1985 *Florida Southern (48-10) Chuck Anderson 15-5 Cal Poly Pomona Montgomery, Ala.
1984 Cal State Northridge (46-21-1) Bib Hiegert 10-5 Florida Southern Riverside, Calif.
1983 *Cal Poly Pomona (41-22) John Scolinos 9-7 Jacksonville State Riverside, Calif.
1982 *UC Riverside (36-23) Jack Smitheran 10-1 Florida Southern Riverside, Calif.
1981 *Florida Southern (55-8) Joe Arnold 9-0 Eastern Illinois Riverside, Calif.
1980 *Cal Poly Pomona (42-25-1) John Scolinos 13-6 New Haven Riverside, Calif.
1979 Valdosta State (47-14) Tommy Thomas 3-2 Florida Southern Springfield, Ill.
1978 Florida Southern (41-8) Joe Arnold 7-2 Delta State Springfield, Ill.
1977 UC Riverside (43-19) Jack Smitheran 4-1 Eckerd Springfield, Ill.
1976 Cal Poly Pomona (40-27-1) John Scolinos 17-3 SIU-Edwardsville Springfield, Ill.
1975 Florida Southern (35-10) Hal Smeltzly 10-7 Marietta Springfield, Ill.
1974 UC Irvine (48-8) Gary Adams 14-1 New Orleans Springfield, Ill.
1973 *UC Irvine (44-12) Gary Adams 9-6 Ithaca Springfield, Ill.
1972 Florida Southern (31-6) Hal Smeltzly 5-1 Cal State Northridge Springfield, Ill.
1971 Florida Southern (34-4) Hal Smeltzly 4-0 Central Michigan Springfield, Mo.
1970 Cal State Northridge (41-21) Bob Hiegert 2-1 Nicholls State Springfield, Mo.
1969 *Illinois State (33-5) Duffy Bass 12-0 Missouri State Springfield, Mo.
1968 *Chapman (35-18) Paul Deese 11-0 Delta State Springfield, Mo.

*Indicates undefeated teams in final series

#Participation vacated by the NCAA Committee on Infractions

2019 DII baseball championship: Live updates

Be sure to check here, as we will be bringing you live updates on all the action from Cary in our blog.

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