Here is your new AP Poll after an exciting first week of college football.

1 Alabama (48) 1511 1-0 1
2 Clemson (12) 1467 1-0 2
3 Georgia 1350 1-0 3
4 Ohio State 1262 1-0 5
5 Wisconsin 1258 1-0 4
6 Oklahoma 1251 1-0 7
7 Auburn 1236 1-0 9
8 Notre Dame 1080 1-0 12
9 Washington 870 0-1 6
10 Stanford 865 1-0 13
11 LSU 801 1-0 25
12 Virginia Tech 777 1-0 20
13 Penn State 768 1-0 10
14 West Virginia 762 1-0 17
15 Michigan State 684 1-0 11
16 TCU 632 1-0 16
17 Southern California 628 1-0 15
18 Mississippi State 538 1-0 18
19 UCF 407 1-0 21
20 Boise State 391 1-0 22
21 Michigan 318 0-1 14
22 Miami (FL) 241 0-1 8
23 Oregon 217 1-0 24
24 South Crolina 125 1-0 NR
25 Florida 89 1-0 NR

LSU was the highest riser, jumping 14 spots after beating Miami (Fla.) by a score of 33-17. The Tigers were leading the Hurricanes by 30 at one point; the defense was absolutely suffocating.

It was easy to see why voters were a bit down on LSU coming into the year. The quarterback position left some to be desired, and Derrius Guice is in the NFL. The defense looked strong, per usual, but a stout defense alone can’t take you to the College Football Playoff.

The thing is, the Tigers’ offense didn’t exactly light it up on Sunday. Joe Burrow went 11-for-24 for 140 yards and no touchdowns. The running game was steady, but LSU doesn’t have a Guice or Leonard Fournette-level talent, and that was evident.

But its offense doesn’t need to be elite in order to beat good teams. It just needs to be solid and let the defense carry the load. LSU has had trouble reaching ‘solid’ in recent years. It’s too early to declare anything, but that was about as impressive of a debut as you could have hoped for if you’re an LSU fan.

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Notre Dame was another noteworthy riser, jumping from No. 12 to No. 8 after a win over Michigan.

Nothing jumps out in the box score, but the Fighting Irish were able to win with defense. Brandon Wimbush only threw for 170 yards. Notre Dame only averaged 2.8 yards per carry. But the Fighting Irish struck quickly on offense and limited the Wolverines to 1.8 yards per carry. That will play.

All of that said, Notre Dame’s ceiling still doesn’t feel particularly high. The ranking is justified, and perhaps the Fighting Irish will continue to grind out wins. But was the result more about Michigan, or Notre Dame? We’ll find out, but watching that game, neither of those schools screamed “College Football Playoff contender” at first glance.

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On the flip side, Auburn rose from No. 9 to No. 7 after a close win against Washington, which dropped three spots to No. 9. There’s a case to be made that the Tigers should be even higher. Their win was more impressive than LSU’s or Notre Dame’s, but they hardly budged.

That has more to do with the teams in front of Auburn than Auburn itself. The top six did nothing to deserve to slip, even if the Tigers scored such a big win. And props to voters for not punishing Washington too harshly. The Huskies had to travel across the country to take on a top-10 team close to their campus and could have won had some bounces gone their way. It was a well-played game on both sides. Thus, both are still in the top 10.