CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The most famous dog in college baseball isn’t letting all of this recent attention go to his head. He still does the things he’s always done: opens refrigerators to retrieve Gatorade or water; “whispers” on command; provides a comforting, friendly, presence for North Carolina’s baseball team.

REMINGTON, and, yes, his name is spelled in all capital letters, has become something of a celebrity in recent days and weeks, but he’s still the same 2-year-old golden retriever he has been since joining UNC’s baseball team back in the fall.

“REMI has no idea,” Terri Jo Rucinski, the UNC baseball team’s head trainer and the dog’s master, recently said with a laugh of his burgeoning celebrity. “He’s the same. He’s really the same dog.”

Which is to say, in another way, that he remains unlike most dogs you might ever encounter. What other dog, after all, regularly brings baseballs and water to home plate umpires, or “talks” at the sight of “reading” a sign, or knows how to give fist bumps — OK, paw bumps — to baseball players?

REMINGTON does all of those things. For the UNC baseball team, he does a lot more.