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An NBA bettor won a jackpot of more than $103,000 when he bet $250 in a same-game, 11-leg parlay of the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers game. (Photo : Kim Klement-Pool/Getty Images)

An NBA bettor won a jackpot of more than $103,000 when he bet $250 in a same-game, 11-leg parlay of the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers game.

From $250 bet to over $103,000

Betting on sports can only mean two things: you either win or you lose. Predictions might be flawed and the odds are not always in the favor, even when they come from a betting expert. So to know much better if you can win something or end up crying, the only thing to do is to try.

That’s what one bettor did last Wednesday- he bet $250 and lived by the saying “You Only Live Once.” He could have been blown up big time, but it seems that even luck is an understatement for his gigantic, take-home prize.

In a report by CBS, the bettor hit the same-game parlay which began with the Sixers moneyline. An anonymous person surpassed the betting predictions after staking money to underdog team Philadelphia, which later won over Boston Celtics at 11-7-109.

The same-game parlay will be considered by the bettor often if he/she roots for a player who is overperforming or underperforming on a specific stat line points, assists, and rebounds.

While the majority of the bets were placed on Philadelphia, only four were put to the Boston players. One point apiece came from Kemba Walker (over 2.5 assists) and Marcus Smart (over 11.5 alt points) and two came from Tristan Thompson (over 7.5 rebounds and under 7.5 assists), which was a rare sighting for a gamble because many bettors would not even place a bet to him.

Important wagers were intended for Sixers All-Star center Joel Embiid (over 24.5 points and over 9.5 rebounds) who went to come out as the best player of the game with 42 points and 10 rebounds.

At the end of the day, the bettor’s confidence became his bread-and-butter in betting – which was all worth it.

On January 13, another bettor won $15,000 after placing a $50 bet on a college football championship and college basketball games. Alabama clinched its sixth national title after demolishing Ohio State. When the final leg was set, the bettor was rewarded with an 11-leg parlay reward.

As per Yahoo Sports, here’s what happened to the bet.

Alabama Moneyline (-225) at Auburn

Baylor Moneyline (-1000) at TCU

San Diego State Moneyline (-650) vs. Nevada

LSU (+2.5) at Ole Miss

Oregon (-2.5) at Utah

Richmond (-5.5) at George Mason

Seton Hall (-2.5) at DePaul

Creighton (-13.5) vs. St. John’s

Texas Tech (-7.5) at Iowa State

UCLA (+3.5) at Arizona

Alabama (-8.5) vs. Ohio State

More than a week ago, an NFL bettor bagged $500,000 after rooting on Cleveland Browns, the VSIN  reported.
At the time, the Browns were the clear underdogs compared to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The results, however, said otherwise, when Cleveland won the wild-card game at 4-2.

“As we sit now, the great day that we had on Saturday pretty much has been given right back to the betting public today in the first two games. Both favorites winning and covering dealt the book a big loss, and there is still a lot of liability outstanding on Pittsburgh tonight with all of the parlays and teasers still alive,” Thomas Gable, Borgata sportsbook director spoke to VSiN.


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