They’re called “free throws” but not everyone takes advantage of the “free” points. The national average for free-throw percentage was 70.8 percent in the 2019-20 men’s college basketball season. The very best free-throw shooters, however, will take full advantage every time they’re fouled.

Here are the best free-throw shooters in NCAA DI men’s basketball history, from a single-game, single-season and career perspective.

The following stats come from the official 2019-20 NCAA record book.

Most free throws made

Rich Clarkson/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Most in a game: 30 — Pete Maravich, LSU (above); Ben Woodside, North Dakota State
Most in a season: 355 —Frank Selvy, Furman
Most in a four-year career: 982 — Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina
Most in a three-year career: 893 — Pete Maravich, LSU

Most consecutive free throws made

Most consecutive free throws made in a game: 24 — Arlen Clark, Oklahoma State
Most consecutive free throws made in a season: 73 — Gary Buchanan, Villanova
Most consecutive free throws made in a career: 85 — Darnell Archey, Butler

Here are the players with the 10 highest single-season free-throw percentages in men’s college basketball history, based on qualifiers for the annual free-throw championship.

1. Blake Ahearn, Missouri State