You’re probably familiar with some of these stats, but others may surprise you. We dug into the college basketball stat books and came away with some crazy individual numbers.

Here are seven that stood out.

Zion Williamson has a player efficiency rating of 43.09

Player Efficiency Rating is a catch-all stat meant to quantify a player’s value. It’s not perfect, as there’s more to basketball than the box score. But it does a pretty good job of telling us who the best players are.

Williamson has a PER of 43.09, which is just an absurdly high number. Last year’s PER leader, Jock Landale, checked in at 33.74 Check out the full list here. 

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High Point’s John Brown posted a 36.93 PER in 2015-16, and that’s the highest number since the stat started being recorded in 2009-10. Williamson wows people who watch him every night with the dunks and emphatic rejections. But his statistical profile is even more impressive.

There’s nothing the guy can’t do. Williamson has been the best player in college basketball this season, and one could reasonably argue that it hasn’t been close.

Tacko Fall is shooting 80 percent from the floor

David Butler II | USA Today Sports Images

The UCF center is 7-6, so his field goal percentage should be high. But 80 percent is worth highlighting regardless of your inherent physical advantage.

Fall has recorded five games this season where he wasn’t missed a shot, and three more where he’s only missed once. He hasn’t missed more than three shots in a game all year.

Unless you count free-throws, of course, where Fall is shooting 27.9 percent. He camps near the hoop for a reason. Fall shot 76.7 percent last year, and he’s improved as a senior. He’s a great reason to watch UCF play.

Fletcher Magee and Matt Frierson are a combined 71-for-71 on free-throws

Magee plays for Wofford and is 44-for-44 (he actually has missed this season, but it was in an exhibition game, so his streak is officially intact). Frierson, who plays for The Citadel, is 27-for-27.

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Unsurprisingly, these guys are both elite 3-point shooters, too. Frierson is shooting 43.8 percent from behind the arc on 10.3 attempts per game. Magee is cannning 38 percent of his tries on 10.6 attempts per game.

Perhaps they should stay behind the 3-point arc so they can finish the season perfect at the charity stripe. Just a wacky thing to keep an eye on.

Ja Morant has an assist rate of 54.6

This means Morant has assisted on 54.6 percent of Murray State’s field goals, excluding his own. Morant is averaging 23.3 points, 6.8 rebounds and 9.9 assists per game. He’s an absolute magician with the ball.