This freshman class is one of the most hyped we’ve had in years. It’s very early, but the rookies have impressed thus far.

Let’s break down how some of the biggest names fared in their debuts.

F Zion Williamson, Duke

The guy everyone is talking about, and rightfully so. There’s no use comparing Williamson to other players. His combination of bulk and athleticism is unprecedented. That doesn’t mean he’s the best player we’ve seen come through college basketball in decades, but he was pretty darn good against Kentucky.

Williamson scored 28 points and grabbed seven rebounds against the Wildcats. We knew about the strength and the hops coming in, but his advanced skill level was a bit surprising. Williamson hit several outside jumpers; that was a supposed question mark in his game. He displayed excellent feel and an ability to make plays for others.

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Williamson was always going to be a monster at the college level, just by sheer force. But against Kentucky, he looked like a complete player. That’s a scary, scary thought for the rest of the country.

F R.J. Barrett, Duke

And Williamson isn’t even Duke’s best player right now, even if he leaps off the screen the most. That distinction belongs to Barrett, who scored 33 points and had six assists against Kentucky.

Barrett looks like a way more athletic version of Jalen Rose. There’s a smoothness to the lefty’s game that’s impressive to watch; there’s a little bit of James Harden in him, too. Duke is going to be awesome on offense this season, and Barrett will be the biggest reason why. He’s so big and skilled that he’s going to be able to create shots for himself and others pretty easily. He’s an expert at finishing through contact. Duke has Tre Jones to run point, but if he has to miss time for any reason, Barrett could run the team in a pinch.