Oh, how the world has changed for Villanova. And Penn.

The Wildcats aura at home? Shredded by Michigan. The streak going back to 2013 of never losing consecutive games? Snapped by Furman. The customary spot in the top-25? Here today, but maybe gone tomorrow – or at least when the next poll comes out. And now, the iron grip on Philadelphia’s Big 5? Shattered Tuesday by the University of Pennsylvania.

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Been awhile since Jay Wright had rebuilding blues like this, and it won’t get any easier Saturday at Kansas, or the Big East beyond. Meanwhile, the Penn team that beat the Wildcats 78-75 is soaring in rarefied air. Here are 25 numbers that show how life is very different right now for the two teams who crossed paths in the Palestra Tuesday night.

      2196 . . . Days Villanova had gone without losing a Big 5 game, winning 25 in a row since a 76-61 defeat by Temple in 2012.

    5844 . . . Days Penn had gone without a victory over Villanova, losing 15 in a row back to 2002.

    4.2 . . . Average number of defeats per season for Villanova in the past five years.

   4 . . . Defeats in the first 40 days of this season, if the Wildcats lose Saturday at No. 1 Kansas.

  22 . . . Of Villanova’s 25 consecutive Big 5 wins, 22 were by double figures. That included victories over Penn by 28, 25, 20, 15 and 23.

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  83-65 . . . Penn win over La Salle was its biggest victory margin in a Big 5 game in nearly 15 years.

   2001 . . . The last time Penn had beaten an ACC team, before the 14-point win over Miami last week. The Quakers had dropped 13 in a row.

  24 . . . Years since Penn was 9-2, as the Quakers are now.