The longest college football overtime game — five of them actually — spanned seven overtimes and kept the scoreboard operator busy putting points up on the board.

But what have the shortest overtime games been?

Theoretically, the shortest possible overtime game can be one play. It would require that the defense score a touchdown on the first play of overtime.

OT THRILLERS: The longest overtime games in college football history

The shortest possible overtime session in which both teams have possession of the ball is two plays — a first-play touchdown by one team, followed by a turnover by the other team on its first play (or vice versa).

And that two-play overtime scenario is exactly what twice sits in the record books as the shortest overtime games in college football history.

In 2002, Louisville took down Florida State on the second play of overtime, and in 2003, Georgia Tech picked up a win in the same fashion against Vanderbilt.

One other game has gone three plays into overtime. Ohio kept its offense on the sideline in 2005 when it scored a defensive touchdown on the third play of overtime against Pitt.

Here’s a closer look at each game:

2002 — Louisville 26, No. 4 Florida State 20

As the remnants of Tropical Storm Isidore provided a steady downpour of rain throughout the day in Louisville, the Cardinals scored one of the biggest upsets of 2002 against Florida State. 

The overtime unfolded with Seminoles’ QB Chris Rix being intercepted by Anthony Floyd near the goal line on the first play of overtime. 

Louisville running back Henry Miller then broke free on the left side on the very next play to find the end zone and send the Cardinal faithful rushing onto the field.