The 2018 College World Series concluded Thursday night with Oregon State taking the national title after defeating Arkansas, 5-0. Freshman pitcher Kevin Abel sealed the deal for the Beavers with an impressive performance and catcher Adley Rutschman won the Most Outstanding Player award.

It was another memorable June in Omaha. Check out below some of our favorite photos from the 2018 College World Series. 

Why we love it: It’s a bird’s eye view on an unforgettable moment in college baseball each year. And fireworks. We love fireworks.

Why we love it: Oregon State just wouldn’t let its time in Omaha come to an end. Game 2 of the finals is sure to be remembered for a while in college baseball history, and this photo captures that historic game. 

Why we love it: Often in sports, the victories come along with the pain of a loss. This photo captures a tender moment with Gators head coach Kevin O’Sullivan and his children, who consoled him after the loss to Arkansas which eiminated them from Omaha. Florida entered the College World Series as the defending champs, and many thought they could maybe do it again

Why we love it: Arkansas was a team riding high throughout the College World Series. The Razorbacks were 3-0 entering the finals. Despite the tough loss in the finals, we can’t forget about Arkansas’ impressive run in Omaha this year. This photo of Carson Shaddy and Jax Biggers jumping for joy proves just that. 

Why we love it: Well rain was a thing in Omaha this year. We had the finals pushed back a day due to weather, and one game even had a four-hour delay. We know the busiest person in Omaha this year was meteorologist. And you have to show some love to the grounds crew for all their hard work. 

Why we love it: This is proof that baseball in a contact sport. We appreciate this awesome action shot as a reminder of the impressive quick play we saw in the College World Series. In this shot, Gators shortstop Deacon Liput takes a hard dive to steal second base, sedning Texas Tech’s Michael Davis flyting trying to make a play.

Why we love it: Although it may look easy, catching a fly ball takes skill. On this particular play, two Texas players, Mason hibbeler and Tate Shaw, each attempted to make a play. Although the pair got quite close to each other, the play was made, even if it wasn’t the prettiest.

Why we love it: No explanation needed. 

Why we love it: A chance to play in Omaha is not something that comes every year. The emotion of being eliminated is very raw in this photo above. For Texas Tech, this was its third College World Series appearance in five years. 

Why we love it: Benny Beaver, Oregon State’s mascot, somehow found his way to the top of the iconic dog pile after the final out. This beaver got hops. 

Why we love it: This one captures the beauty of college baseball — and the magic that is Omaha.

Can’t wait for the 2019 College World Series? Us either. Check out the dates here


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