NBA News: LeBron James Gets Back At Charles Barkley’s ‘Whiney’ Statement

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LeBron James couldn’t contain the insult that he felt inside of him as NBA legend, Charles Barkley said his criticisms about the King. (Photo : Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

After LeBron James was heavily criticized by Charles Barkley, the King went on a backlash against NBA legend, and TV commentator, Charles Barkley. James didn’t settle for just a little bit of countering, but he took a step further as he exposed the mishaps Barkley had during his earlier years.

According to CBS Sports, Lebron James says that he wouldn’t allow someone to disrespect his hard-earned legacy. He then later points out to the issues Barkley had when he was still in the NBA, such as when the former NBA star spit on a child, forgot to pay a debt in Las Vegas, threw a person out the window, denied his role model status, and got drunk before an All-Star game in Las Vegas.

He then defends himself as having represented the NBA properly for fourteen years. Lebron James adds a point that he respected the game, wanting to compare it to how Barkley disrespected the NBA.

According to, all of this happened after Charles Barkley criticized Lebron James for complaining about the team’s previous streak of misfortunate events. James then says that Barkley is just saying it for the sake of TV ratings.

However, James decided he couldn’t let those comments go and turned on Barkley, who never won an NBA title. The king then went on to continue his ravaging statements saying that Barkley is just a hater and that he was just stopped from retiring from his TV job.

To conclude the issue, LeBron James wants to talk it out with Charles Barkley personally. For him, he won’t tolerate any plastic display of friendship or relation, which is why he wants to settle things down. This would surely stir up some debate as to whether the King is indeed worthy to be called as the King.