There are nights during the long narrative of college basketball’s annual journey that you immediately know — you just know — it’s a signature moment of the season. This was one of them.

There was magic in the very score itself Wednesday in Nebraska.

Marquette 106, Creighton 104, overtime.

There was magic in the replays.

See Creighton, ahead by three points with 0.8 seconds left — and with the ball — throw a long inbounds pass.  All someone has to do is touch it. Anyone. Game over. A team couldn’t have its hands any more tightly grasped around a victory. But nobody does. Ball goes back to where it was, Marquette still with one slim chance left.

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See Sam Hauser, with those 0.8 seconds still up there, catch a pass amid a couple of Creighton defenders nearly nose-to-nose with him, and bury a 25-footer to tie the game. It was as if he had jumped up from the middle of the Bluejays huddle to take the shot.

See Markus Howard score from . . . here, there, everywhere.

There was magic in the numbers.

Howard’s 53 points, more than anyone had ever scored in a Big East game. Thirteen Division I teams Wednesday night played games without a player scoring more than 14 points. Howard had that many in overtime. Never mind his nine turnovers.