– Thanks for joining us. And first of all, how are you feeling?

– Yeah, thanks for having me– feeling good. I’ve felt really good since about four or five days after Darlington and just kind of back to normal. And man, I haven’t had any fun, you know, talking about this and thinking about it all. But I’m glad that we’re very close to be able to come back. I want to finish what I started this season, and you know, finish, hopefully, the final seven races with LFR.

– Yeah, and that’s what we’re going to get to next was how is the rehab process coming? I mean, how are you working with your doctors to get back?

– Yeah, so I’ve had a great doctor. She’s taught me a ton. And she knows about everything. So it’s been really cool to learn about it. But hopefully, this week we can go and get– I need about two hours of testing. Once we do that, we can finish up all the lab work.

And from there, she can give me the right stuff to keep me after two hours. Basically, after two hours in the car, the heat– it’s just my body just runs out of something. And we’ll figure that out. And then after two hours, you know, I’ll be fine at the end of the races and not fall apart like I did so many times this year.

– Well, so I want to ask you– at Indy, when you won the Brickyard last year–

– Yeah.

– I saw you after the race was over. And I looked on TV. I was like, you look like you’re just exhausted. What is it– I know you kind of said it already. But tell me what it’s like. I mean, you’ve done this enough times– did you feel that coming on? How do you know all that happened? How does it feel in the race car?

KASEY KAHNE: Yeah, so you feel it coming on about halfway. I start cramping up. My body starts cramping up, whether it’s the arms– at Darlington, my neck– my chest. The last 100 laps I was just basically just stuck in the seat, completely cramped. And it hurts. But you want to finish. And you want to do everything you can.

At Indy, it was my arms and my chest. And I was able to finish that one, too. But yeah, I mean, you just want to finish. You want to do you showed up for. And I hate– it’s gotten a little bit worse just as the years have went on. It’s gotten a lot worse.

And that’s what we’re trying to figure out because the final one at Darlington was– my heart got to where it couldn’t keep up with the body. And I couldn’t control my heart rate. So that was the biggest problem there.

MAN: Scary, yeah.

– It got pretty scary at that point.

– Mm.

– And that tells you once again just how physically demanding it is to drive these race cars.


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