There’s no surefire way to tell how deep a team will make it in the NCAA tournament, but we tried. Experience matters in March, so we looked at the teams who made it to the Elite Eight last season to see what they have returning in terms of on-court production.

Obviously all of these teams are adding new players (freshmen, transfers, or redshirts) whose impact won’t show up in this analysis. But it gives us a good look at what these eight teams can count on as they look to repeat their Elite Eight run this year.

So what did we find out?

Kansas State is coming back strong. Really strong. In total, we looked at 18 different statistics. Kansas State ranked first in every single one. Last year, the Wildcats were a 9 seed and lost to 11-seed Loyola 78-62 in the Elite Eight. But Kansas State is the only one of these eight teams to return every single starter and all six of their top scorers.