We were confident coming into Sunday that Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame would make the College Football Playoff in some order. The fourth spot was up in the air.

1 Alabama 13-0 1
2 Clemson 13-0 2
3 Notre Dame 12-0 3
4 Oklahoma 12-1 5
5 Georgia 11-2 4
6 Ohio State 12-1 6

Oklahoma got the final nod. The Sooners made the Playoff over Georgia and Ohio State, and the order of the latter two teams is interesting. But we’ll touch on that soon.

This was probably the least controversial decision the committee could make, and whether or not it was the right one depends on your criteria. Most would agree that Georgia is better than Oklahoma based on eye test, but the Sooners have a better resume than the Bulldogs. Losses matter in this sport, and Georgia has two of them. That’s tough to overlook when you’re comparing it to Oklahoma.

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The Sooners have flaws, of course. The defense doesn’t inspire much confidence. But the offense is historically good, and it will be fascinating to see what Heisman candidate Kyler Murray can do against the Alabama defense. We know Georgia can compete with Alabama based on the past two years. But with the Crimson Tide offense not operating at the peak of its powers, the Sooners have a fighting chance. The defense is great, but we’ve seen better under Nick Saban, and OU will be able to score. Alabama should be the favorite, but it’s not an easy matchup.

It’s significant that the committee slotted Georgia in between Oklahoma and Ohio State. That means there was a clear gap between the two teams going into Saturday, even though some suspected the Buckeyes had an outside chance at the Playoff with a big win over Northwestern.

The lesson: the quantity of losses matters, but so does quality. Georgia lost to LSU and Alabama. Ohio State lost to Purdue in a game that was uncompetitive and didn’t have enough high-level wins to jump Georgia or Oklahoma. Meanwhile, the Sooners lost to Texas and would later avenge the loss.