As we enter the second half of football season, Week 9 looks to entertain with multiple ranked matchups and rivalries. There are a number of facts, figures and statistics that look to play some sort of role in the week. But, which of these elements should you pay attention to?

RANKINGS: Michigan, Clemson move up in AP poll

We broke down seven numbers that involve some of Week 9’s best games:

Ranked No. 1 in the nation for allowing the least amount of passing yards in FBS, Michigan looks to have the upper hand going into its battle for the Paul Bunyan Trophy. However, Michigan State averages about 235 passing yards per game and has scored 12 passing touchdowns for the season, so it might not be as clear cut as Wolverine fans may be hoping.

In the past 25 years, when Clemson travels to Tallahassee to take on FSU, the Tigers have walked away with a loss each time except for 2006. While Clemson attempts to continue its seven-game win streak to start the season, the Seminoles hope that Doak Campbell Stadium has its usual effect on the Tigers.

As the battle for the Freedom Trophy approaches, fans look back to previous games that the two teams faced each other. Wisconsin currently holds a three-game win streak over the Huskers. However, both teams are ranked within the top 11, and with the heat of a rivalry game added to the mix, either team could become the victor.  

The Gators and Bulldogs travel to Jacksonville to faceoff in the 94th edition of the Florida-Georgia rivalry. Jacksonville, while a bit closer to Gainesville than Athens, has opened EverBank Field to the two SEC teams yet again, and while the stakes may not be as high as previous years for the two teams, it looks to have an impact on the SEC East race.

Auburn and Ole Miss have both faced a number of ranked adversaries this year. However, Ole Miss, among its five ranked foes, suffered losses at the hands of LSU and Arkansas, which were teams that Auburn defeated.

The Washington-Utah game looks to be one of who can hold onto the ball, for both teams are within the top ten in the country for turnover margin. While this statistic usually impacts most games, it looks to be a serious factor in the outcome of this contest.

The Hokies and Panthers have more than just their records in common, too. Both teams suffered their only two losses on the road. However, while Pitt lost to North Carolina by a single point, Virginia Tech dominated North Carolina 34-3.

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