Dinner is served in college basketball. The appetizers — all those non-league games, conference vs. conference challenges and holiday tournaments — were nice. But now comes the good stuff.

Conference play brings a new level of theater, and for an idea of how it electrifies the season, just look at the first full weekend.

The past two days gave us 15 overtime games, a couple of top-10 stalwarts absolutely blown away, a team jump ahead 21-0 and lose, another go 7 ½ minutes without a field goal in the second half and win. It gave us a game-saving Hail Mary from near midcourt and a game-winning dunk after a full-court pass. It gave us things that hadn’t happened in decades. It even gave us a man coaching the second half with a towel around his waist, hiding the rip in his pants.

It gave us Duke still looking like No. 1, but Michigan and Virginia and Tennessee pushing hard in the rearview mirror, while the field of unbeaten teams was downsized from four to three. Meanwhile, the original No. 1, Kansas, took a whipping at Iowa State and then heard the news that vital big man Udoka Azubuike was gone for the season with a wrist injury. Tough weekend in Lawrence.

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Shall we take a quick tour of all the dizzying developments?

Start in New Mexico, where they don’t call it The Pit for nothing. A month ago, the Lobos were pummeled 100-65 by in-state rival New Mexico State. Two weeks ago, they dropped to 5-6 with their fourth home defeat, a loss to Penn. Saturday, they steamrolled No. 6 Nevada 85-58.