Duke’s R.J. Barrett and Murray State’s Ja Morant are two of the top players in college basketball.

Barrett may not be a true point guard like Morant, but both are offensive creators. Let’s compare and contrast two of the game’s best.


Here are Barrett and Morant’s per-40 minute numbers:

Barrett vs. Morant
Player Points Rebounds Assists FG% 3FG%
Barrett 28.7 8.2 4.9 45.5 30.9
Morant 27.0 6.6 11.8 54.4 34.2

The scoring and rebounding numbers are similar, but Morant has a huge edge in assists and efficiency. It’s worth pointing out that Barrett plays in the ACC, while Morant plays in the Ohio Valley. Barrett sees much tougher defenders on a nightly basis.

Regardless, Morant has the statistical edge.

Edge: Morant

Physical attributes

Barrett has the size advantage. The Duke freshman is listed at 6-7, 202 pounds, while Morant checks in at 6-3, 175. Barrett isn’t bulky, but he’s wiry; he’s not going to get bullied by anyone on defense, and he’s able to overpower smaller defenders and slither his way around behemoths. Barrett is a good athlete, not a great one. But he’s a more functional athlete than most 6-7 guys. That’s why there are so few college defenders who can stay in front of him.

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Morant is a phenomenal athlete. The Russell Westbrook comparisons may be a tad premature, but you can see why they exist. These dunks are ridiculous: