Baseball is one of the few sports where the playing field itself can be different from park to park. Sometimes really, really different.

We tracked down six fields that had some of our favorite weird and charming features. Did we miss any? Drop us a line here and let us know your favorites.

No. 6: McLane Stadium’s outfield hill — East Lansing, Michigan

(Photo courtesy of Joel Dinda)

Michigan State’s McLane Field wants to make sure its outfielders know they’re approaching the wall. After the warning track, the outfield slopes up at a roughly 30-degree angle to the fence. It’s no Tal’s Hill, but it defintiely stands out in college baseball.

No. 5: Dudy Noble Field’s “Left Field Lounge” — Starkville, Mississippi

(Photo credit, @SteveIam4msu, Twitter)

A new Mississippi State tradition started in the 1960s when fans drove their trucks outside the left field fence to watch the Bulldogs play. One truck wouldn’t start after game so its owners left it there, and the rest is history. Fans started towing trucks and motor homes to left field and, to make room for friends, they’d build stands on top of the vehicles.

In the 2017 offseason, however, “The Dude” was renovated, and the left field lounge parking lot was removed.  

No. 4: Cornerstone University’s Central Hall — Grand Rapids, Michigan

Who doesn’t want to wake up, walk over to the window and watch a college baseball game? If you’re lucky enough to live in Cornerstone University’s Central Hall, you get to live out that dream every day.

The Golden Eagles built a dorm attached to their baseball stadium in 2013 that houses 92 students, who don’t have to be baseball players.

Here’s a tour: