The 2019 Division I Women’s College Cup will be held on Friday, Dec. 6 and Sunday, Dec. 8, in Avaya Stadium in San Jose, California.

Here is the full schedule:

Game Teams Date Time Location TV
Semifinal #1 TBD vs. TBD Friday, Dec. 6 4 p.m. Avaya Stadium (San Jose) TBD
Semifinal #2 TBD vs. TBD Friday, Dec. 6 6: 30 p.m. Avaya Stadium (San Jose) TBD
Championship TBD vs. TBD Sunday, Dec. 8 5 p.m. Avaya Stadium (San Jose) TBD

*All times are Pacific time. All times, events, and locations are subject to change

In last year’s championship, Florida State took down North Carolina 1-0 in Cary, North Carolina. It was the Seminoles’ second title in program history, and denied the Tar Heels’ what would have been their 22nd. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the Women’s College Cup:

How does the Women’s College Cup work?

The Women’s College Cup is comprised of the two semifinal games and championship game of the Division I women’s soccer championship tournament.

There are 333 women’s soccer teams in Division I that are eligible for competition in the tournament. 

Of those 333, 64 will make the championship’s tournament field. The teams that qualify for the tournament field are split into two categories:

  • 31 conference champions automatically receive invites to the tournament.
  • 33 at-large teams are selected by the NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Committee.

The tournament field and bracket will be announced on Monday, Nov. 11 during the selection show.

That same week, the tournament starts, with the first round taking place from Nov. 15 to Nov. 17.

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What is the full schedule for the Division I women’s soccer tournament?

Here is the schedule for the 2019 tournament:

Event Date Location
Selection Show Monday, Nov. 11 N/A
First round Friday, Nov. 15 — Sunday, Nov. 17 TBD
Second round Friday, Nov. 22 — Sunday, Nov. 24 TBD
Quarterfinals Friday, Nov. 29, Saturday, Nov. 30 TBD
College Cup: Semifinal 1 Friday, Dec. 6 Avaya Stadium (San Jose)
College Cup: Semifinal 2 Friday, Dec. 7 Avaya Stadium (San Jose)
College Cup: Championship Sunday, Dec. 8 Avaya Stadium (San Jose)

How do I get tickets for the Women’s College Cup?

You can buy tickets to the 2019 Women’s College Cup right now by following this link.

Who has won the most national championships in women’s soccer history?

In 1982, North Carolina won the inaugural women’s soccer national championship, and carried that momentum through the rest of the century, capturing 16 of the first 19 titles in the sport. UNC has won five more since turn of the century, but are currently in the midst of their longest title drought in history, going six years without a championship since their last title in 2012.

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In total, only 12 schools have won a championship, with none other than North Carolina and Notre Dame having won more than two:

School Championships
North Carolina 21
Notre Dame 3
Florida State 2
Stanford 2
Southern California 2
Notre Dame 2
Portland 2
Penn State 1
Santa Clara 1
Florida 1
George Mason 1

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Here is the full list of every champion since the tournament’s inception in 1982:

2018 Florida State (20-4-3) 1-0 North Carolina Cary, N.C.
2017 Stanford (23-1-0) 3-2 UCLA Orlando, Fla.
2016 Southern California (19-4-2) 3-1 West Virginia San Jose, Calif.
2015 Penn State (22-3-2) 1-0 Duke Cary, N.C.
2014 Florida State (23-1-1) 1-0 Virginia Boca Raton, Fla.
2013 UCLA (22-1-3) 1-0 (OT) Florida State Cary, N.C.
2012 North Carolina (15-5-3) 4-1 Penn State San Diego, Calif.
2011 Stanford (25-0-1) 1-0 Duke Kennesaw, Ga.
2010 Notre Dame (21-2-2) 1-0 Stanford Cary, N.C.
2009 North Carolina (23-3-1) 1-0 Stanford Texas A&M
2008 North Carolina (25-1-2) 2-1 Notre Dame Cary, N.C.
2007 Southern California (20-3-2) 2-0 Florida State Texas A&M
2006 North Carolina (27-1) 2-1 Notre Dame Cary, N.C.
2005 Portland (23-0-2) 4-0 UCLA Texas A&M
2004 *Notre Dame (25-1-1) 1-1 (2 ot, pk) UCLA Cary, N.C.
2003 North Carolina (27-0) 6-0 Connecticut Cary, N.C.
2002 Portland (20-4-2) 2-1 (2 ot) Santa Clara Austin, Texas
2001 Santa Clara (23-2) 1-0 North Carolina SMU
2000 North Carolina (21-3) 2-1 UCLA San Jose State
1999 North Carolina (24-2) 2-0 Notre Dame San Jose State
1998 Florida (26-1) 1-0 North Carolina UNC Greensboro
1997 North Carolina (27-0-1) 2-0 Connecticut UNC Greensboro
1996 North Carolina (25-1) 1-0 (2 ot) Notre Dame Santa Clara
1995 Notre Dame (21-2-2) 1-0 (3 ot) Portland North Carolina
1994 North Carolina (25-1-1) 5-0 Notre Dame Portland
1993 North Carolina (23-0) 6-0 George Mason North Carolina
1992 North Carolina (25-0) 9-1 Duke North Carolina
1991 North Carolina (25-0) 3-1 Wisconsin North Carolina
1990 North Carolina (24-0) 6-0 Connecticut North Carolina
1989 North Carolina (24-0-1) 2-0 Colorado College North Carolina State
1988 North Carolina (18-0-3) 4-1 North Carolina State North Carolina
1987 North Carolina (23-0-1) 1-0 Massachusetts Massachusetts
1986 North Carolina (24-0-1) 2-0 Colorado College George Mason
1985 George Mason (18-2-1) 2-0 North Carolina George Mason
1984 North Carolina (24-0-1) 2-0 Connecticut North Carolina
1983 North Carolina (19-1) 4-0 George Mason UCF
1982 North Carolina (19-2) 2-0 UCF UCF

*Declared champion on the basis of penalty kicks.

Where will future college cups be held?

The college cup’s schedule is planned through the 2021 season:

Year City Venue Dates Host
2019 San Jose, Calif. Avaya Stadium Dec 6 & 8 West Coast Conference and San Jose Sports Authority
2020 Cary, N.C. WakeMed Soccer Park Dec 4 & 6 Campbell and Town of Cary
2021 San Jose, Calif. Avaya Stadium Dec 3 & 5 West Coast Conference and San Jose Sports Authority

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