The women’s college soccer postseason is here. Before the NCAA tournament gets underway, conferences have to let their own tournaments/regular season play out.

The NCAA tournament field is made up of 64 teams, with 31 of those teams being automatic qualifiers. Automatic qualifiers obtain their bid by winning their respective conference. Three AQs are granted to the regular season champions of the Ivy League, Pac-12 and West Coast Conference since these three conferences don’t have tournaments. The other 33 teams are chosen on an at-large basis by the NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Committee. 

In the table below, click the name of each conference to see the bracket and other information pertaining to each tournament. Brackets will be updated as matches are completed on their set date. 

(Note: Most early-round matches will take place at the campus of the higher-seeded team. The sites listed in the table below indicate the sites of the final rounds of play. Also, some brackets and championship information has not been posted by a few conferences. This will be updated once they do. The champion section of the table will be updated once a tournament champion is determined.)

ACC Cary, NC Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
America East Highest seed in each round hosts Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
American Athletic No. 1 seed hosts Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
Atlantic 10 St. Louis, MO Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
Atlantic Sun Highest seed in each round hosts Nov. 3-9 Undetermined
Big 12 Kansas City, MO Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
Big East Omaha, NE Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
Big Sky Greeley, CO Nov. 6-10 Undetermined
Big South Matthews, NC Nov. 1-10 Undetermined
Big Ten Piscataway, NJ Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
Big West No. 1 seed hosts Nov. 7-10 Undetermined
Colonial Highest seed in each round hosts Nov. 1-9 Undetermined
Conference USA Denton, TX Nov. 6-10 Undetermined
Horizon No. 1 seed hosts Nov. 4-9 Undetermined
Ivy No Tournament N/A Undetermined
Metro Atlantic Highest seed in each round hosts     Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
Mid-American Highest seed in each round hosts Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
Missouri Valley Springfield, MO Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
Mountain West Boise, ID Nov. 5-9 Undetermined
Northeast Highest seed in each round hosts     Nov. 8-10 Undetermined
Ohio Valley Cape Girardeau, MO  Nov. 1-10 Undetermined
Pac-12 No Tournament N/A Undetermined
Patriot Annapolis, MD Nov. 5-10 Undetermined
SEC Orange Beach, AL Nov. 3-10 Undetermined
Southern Greensboro, NC Oct. 30-Nov. 10 Undetermined
Southland Conway, AR Nov. 6-10 Undetermined
SWAC Praire View, TX Nov. 7-10 Undetermined
Summit Brookings, SD Nov. 7-9 Undetermined
Sun Belt Foley, AL Nov. 6-10 Undetermined
WAC Seattle, WA Nov. 6-10 Undetermined
West Coast No Tournament N/A Undetermined

NCAA Women’s Soccer Tournament: Schedule

Selection Show | Monday, November 11, 2019
The 2019 NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Championship bracket will be revealed the Monday prior to the first round of competition. Find out when all of the rounds of competition begin below. 

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First Round | November 15 – 17. 2019

The first round will begin on Nov. 15, as 32 two-team matches kick-off between the 15th and the 17th. The matches will be held at campus sites that aren’t predetermined. Each round is single elimination, so winners of each first-round match will move onto the second round. 


Second and Third Rounds | November 22 – 24, 2019
Second and third round of action in the NCAA Women’s Soccer Championship will be broken up and held at eight non-predetermined campus sites. At each site, four teams will compete in a single-elimination second round. Each winning team will advance to the third round, where they will again play a single-elimination match. Winners of third round games will advance to the national quarterfinals. 


Quarterfinals | November 29 – 30, 2019

Quarterfinals will be held at four non-predetermined school sites. Two teams will play one single-elimination match at one of those sites. The winners will advance to the 2019 NCAA Women’s College Cup in San Jose to battle it out for women’s college soccer’s ultimate prize in a semi-final to final format.  


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Women’s College Cup | December 6 – 8. 2019
The 2019 NCAA Women’s College Cup will be held at Avaya Stadium in San Jose, California. The format of the cup will take on the traditional semi-final to final process with four teams competing for the cup. Two teams will play in one semi-final with the winner advancing to the final. The other semi-final will follow the exact same format. The semi-final matches will take place on Nov. 30 with times still to be determined. The final will be on Dec. 8 at 5:30 p.m. ET. 


NCAA Women’s Soccer: Champions, Women’s College Cup winners

2018 Florida State (20-4-3) 1-0 North Carolina Cary, N.C.
2017 Stanford (23-1-0) 3-2 UCLA Orlando, Fla.
2016 Southern California (19-4-2) 3-1 West Virginia San Jose, Calif.
2015 Penn State (22-3-2) 1-0 Duke Cary, N.C.
2014 Florida State (23-1-1) 1-0 Virginia Boca Raton, Fla.
2013 UCLA (22-1-3) 1-0 (OT) Florida State Cary, N.C.
2012 North Carolina (15-5-3) 4-1 Penn State San Diego, Calif.
2011 Stanford (25-0-1) 1-0 Duke Kennesaw, Ga.
2010 Notre Dame (21-2-2) 1-0 Stanford Cary, N.C.
2009 North Carolina (23-3-1) 1-0 Stanford Texas A&M
2008 North Carolina (25-1-2) 2-1 Notre Dame Cary, N.C.
2007 Southern California (20-3-2) 2-0 Florida State Texas A&M
2006 North Carolina (27-1) 2-1 Notre Dame Cary, N.C.
2005 Portland (23-0-2) 4-0 UCLA Texas A&M
2004 *Notre Dame (25-1-1) 1-1 (2 ot, pk) UCLA Cary, N.C.
2003 North Carolina (27-0) 6-0 Connecticut Cary, N.C.
2002 Portland (20-4-2) 2-1 (2 ot) Santa Clara Austin, Texas
2001 Santa Clara (23-2) 1-0 North Carolina SMU
2000 North Carolina (21-3) 2-1 UCLA San Jose State
1999 North Carolina (24-2) 2-0 Notre Dame San Jose State
1998 Florida (26-1) 1-0 North Carolina UNC Greensboro
1997 North Carolina (27-0-1) 2-0 Connecticut UNC Greensboro
1996 North Carolina (25-1) 1-0 (2 ot) Notre Dame Santa Clara
1995 Notre Dame (21-2-2) 1-0 (3 ot) Portland North Carolina
1994 North Carolina (25-1-1) 5-0 Notre Dame Portland
1993 North Carolina (23-0) 6-0 George Mason North Carolina
1992 North Carolina (25-0) 9-1 Duke North Carolina
1991 North Carolina (25-0) 3-1 Wisconsin North Carolina
1990 North Carolina (24-0) 6-0 Connecticut North Carolina
1989 North Carolina (24-0-1) 2-0 Colorado College North Carolina State
1988 North Carolina (18-0-3) 4-1 North Carolina State North Carolina
1987 North Carolina (23-0-1) 1-0 Massachusetts Massachusetts
1986 North Carolina (24-0-1) 2-0 Colorado College George Mason
1985 George Mason (18-2-1) 2-0 North Carolina George Mason
1984 North Carolina (24-0-1) 2-0 Connecticut North Carolina
1983 North Carolina (19-1) 4-0 George Mason UCF
1982 North Carolina (19-2) 2-0 UCF UCF

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