We love records. In the past here at NCAA.com, we have searched the individual sport record books up and down for some of our favorite records we could find (more on that later). But what about sizing up a list of unbreakable records that standout across all of college sports?

The old cliché says records were made to be broken. Except for the following, which may never be matched again in the history of NCAA college sports.

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Unbreakable records in college football 

Barry Sanders 1988, 2,628-yard college football season

The Oklahoma State Cowboy running back had the single-most dominating season on the ground in the history of college football. He reeled off 238.9 yards per game — also a record likely never to be broken, with Marcus Allen a distant second by 26 yards per game — for the highest single total in a season at 2,628 yards. Sanders had four 300-yard games with at least three touchdowns and totaled 37 TDs.

Oh, one other small note. College football didn’t include bowl games officially a part of season stats until the 2002 season. Sanders actually played a 12th game that season, the Holiday Bowl, in which he ran for 222 yards and five more touchdowns. That’s 2,850 yards in 12 games, ladies and gentlemen.